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Welcome to Sara Clinic

Your beauty is trend

For the safety of all our clients, we make sure to sanitize all our tools by all safety degrees.

Wearing a mask is a must at our clinic. We also have a sanitizing services that visits our clinic every morning before our opening


Welcome to the cosmetic surgery section. Just name it, starting from simple permanent makeup surgery, to sculpting your whole body. we got you covered *wink*

All surgeries are preformed by the supervision of an elite of cosmetic surgeons in Egypt. So you don’t have to worry about quality.

Can’t forget our latest tech for all surgeries performed in our clinic


Sara clinic offers a full range of dermatologic care from our best dermatology doctors

Don’t want surgeries? you came to the right section. we provide you with different types of cosmetic injections.

 All safe, with fast and noticeable effects for your satisfaction.


Welcome to our laser department. want to get rid of these hairs?

In Sara clinic we provide you with the highest laser hair removal tech in America, the candela gentle lase Pro-U 2o2o.

From facial hair to bikini just name it and we got it here for you.


We know how hard fats in your body can make you feel, and how it can effect your mental and physical health in many ways.

So here in Sara clinic we introduce you to our obesity surgeries to help you achieve the appearance you want, painless sculpting surgery so no worries about that *wink*.


Skin and body care the most important thing in a girl’s life

Sara clinic provides you with the best body and skin care you can imagine just dream of it and enter your world of relaxation and care with noticeable effect from the first session.